Tiles laying step by step 

  • Wall sealing;

  • Preparing the appropriate glue for tiles or mixture;

  • Glue or mixture should be obtained in accordance with the requirements of the particular ceramic tiles and area of laying. 

  • The prepared mixture should be proportionally laid starting from the bottom corner of the wall, in a small area;

  • It should be levelled off with the help of the smooth side of a hand float, then with the serrated one;

  • Tiles are laid on the wall where the mixture is put, and are pressed by hand;

  • In each corner of the tile it is necessary to insert a cross to help lay the tiles at the same level;

  • When the whole wall is covered with tiles, if necessary, in the corners a leveling board should be put. 

The required tools:

  • Notched trowel

        For small tiles (5 cm x 5 cm) a trowel with 4 mm teeth is suitable; 

        For medium size tiles (25 cm x 25 cm) a trowel with 6 – 8 mm teeth.

  • A filling knife for detecting the distance between the tiles.

  • A sponge for removing extra dirt.

  • A level gauge for fitting tiles.

  • A cross divider for creating equal gaps between tiles. If tiles are 300 x 300 mm, then the cross should be at least 3 mm wide.