Warranty conditions

MANUFACTURER’S warranty is not valid in the following cases:

In the event of mechanical damage due to the Customer's fault.
In case of damage, if the cause of its occurrence does not depend on the producer or manufacturer.
Damage caused by natural disasters, lightning or fire.
Damage caused by intentional damage to the goods.
Damage caused by the use of water of poor quality (high level of calcium, chlorine, rust or sand).
Damage caused by the use of chemicals.
Damage caused by fluctuations or damage to the electrical voltage, due to incompatibility of communication and cable parameters and other household factors
In the cases when the Customer has not complied with the rules for the use of the goods specified in the operating instructions, storage rules and transport conditions, and also in the cases where the goods are improperly installed and connected.
In the cases where the product is not used for its intended purpose or is used for professional purposes.
In the cases where the Customer has corrected, damaged, duplicated or lost the service card / warranty card.
In the cases of any damage, if the fact of damage to the warranty seal, the serial number has been established, changes in the product structure have been found, changes in communications or their damage have been detected.